Oliver Ferrer – Changes (Album)

Oliver Ferrer releases his first album with fifteen exclusive tracks produced in his last year, time dedicated to the production of songs always inspired by his major influences from the world of music.

Let yourself go and listen to its simple musical history.

The album brings mostly the productions of its strand of drum and bass, the liquid funk and also has some tracks with its inspirations. Vocals are part of almost every track, one of the greatest characteristics of the artist.



The Best of Luv Vol.2 incl. Remixes & VIPs

Brand new tunes with new album with remixes & vips from LuvDisaster Records. Check it out!

Tracks on release:
Unreal – Perfect Days (Oliver Ferrer Remix)
Bass Reflex & DJ Marnel – Space Chipa (Oliver Ferrer & DJ Marnel Remix)

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LuvDisaster Selection Vol. 1 inc. 30 tracks

LuvDisaster Selection Vol.1
Cat. N. LUV045

01. Undersound – You Don’t Understand (Orig Mix)
02. DuoScience – Concord You (Orig Mix)
03. Digital Hunters – Feel It (Orig Mix)
04. David WS – One More Time (Orig Mix)
05. Human Factor & T-Muniz – The Dark Side of Love (Orig Mix)
06. Dave Shichman & Dave Owen – Tight Polite (Orig Mix)
07. In:sight & DuoScience – Save Your Soul (Orig Mix)
08. Qumulus – Soul Wave (Orig Mix)
09. DJ Linky – Brady Bunch (Orig Mix)
10. Oliver Ferrer & Koiti feat. DuoScience – Night Rain (Orig Mix)
11. Giorgiolive – Only You (Orig Mix)
12. DuoScience – Breakfast (Orig Mix)
13. Soultec & MsDos – Cosmic Expression (Orig Mix)
14. Imagery & Deeper Connection – Don’t Let Me Go (Orig Mix)
15. Digital Hunters & In:sight – Long Walk Home (Orig Mix)
16. Muwookie – Knowing (Orig Mix)
17. C.A.B.L.E. – Mental Atmosphere (Orig Mix)
18. Bass Reflex & Marnel – Space Chipa (Orig Mix)
19. BrokenDrum – Don’t Fall in Love (Orig Mix)
20. Isaac Maya feat. Mc Mega Zimze – Rub a Dub (Giorgiolive Remix)
21. DJ Linky – Be There (Orig Mix)
22. Muwookie – Moving On feat. Skyeyes (Orig Mix)
23. Andrezz – He Come Around (Orig Mix)
24. DJ Chap – Without You (Orig Mix)
25. Physics – All The Things (Orig Mix)
26. Critycal Dub – Get Down (Orig Mix)
27. Oliver Ferrer & Koiti – Rocky (Orig Mix)
28. DuoScience & MsDos – Disco (Orig Mix)
29. Imagery – Strange Moment (Orig Mix)
30. DJ Chap – It’s Seems I’m Never (Orig Mix)

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