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Brazilian D&B acts as a fluid, fast & instinctive team, bristling with unpredictability and style. Fitting then to catch up with Oliver Ferrer from stunning, maverick local label LuvDisaster as one huge event unearths another…

Hey how is 2014 in Brazil, Oliver?

I think that 2014′s a great year for Brazil… and in the time of the World Cup we’re preparing a new and exclusive release with only Brazilian producers, mixed by the Mighty Patife.

That looks and sounds big! Patife at the helm too.

I guess he’s the best DJ to perfectly represent and present our Brazilian Team. There are 17 tracks on this compilation bringing the Brazilian vibes from producers like Chap. Level 2, Rusty, Critycal Dub, Drumagick, DuoScience, C.A.B.L.E., L-Side, Simplification & Translate, Poeck & many more. Watch out for the final tracklisting as the World Cup unfolds.


So, for people new to the label and your VIBE what are you about?

I’m a music lover & Graphic designer working with electronic music since 2002 when I started my first label in Brazil, URBR Records.

LuvDisaster is a record label that I launched with my friend DJ Koiti in 2008. He’s been there since the beginning of Brazilian D&B.

Where did the name come from?

I created this name thinking in the union of the words love and disaster, which conveys the idea of the oscillations of the emotions experienced by the tunes.

Something like ‘ups and downs’. And obviously because it sounds good!

We founded the label as a kind of way for people to check our Brazilian producers and to reflect on the quality musicians and DJs we have… we showcase newcomers, bring a good design and style to it. Our regular catalogue is more about liquid funk but we also work with dark and heavy sounds under LuvDisaster LTD, our sub label.

What would you say makes the Brazilian vibe so untouchable, so unique?

I guess the tropical vibes here bring more happiness for the people, our nature and our culture.

There are so many different cultures here.

Do LuvDisaster organise parties there?

Yes, we have a party called Monsters of Drum and Bass ( that already had three session in São Paulo with TC & Jakes, dBridge and Lynx. There’s also stuff we do on web tv and our radio station

You mention Patife, I have to also mention Marky as together they were the first names that made a big dent in the UK from Brazil many years back: who are some other great Brazilian DJs you’d cite?

DJ Marky is unique, for sure the BEST! We have a great team of Brazilian DJs such as the names I mentioned above, and the likes of Andrezz, Unreal, Koiti & many more. All these guys also are great producers too.

What’s happening there around the World Cup, good or bad? Are you feeling it?

Good, for sure! It’s always good to see our country been watched by the whole world! It’s a great opportunity to show our good and bad things. Every nation has it’s problems, I guess the Worldcup just contribute to our progression.

I’m not so close to soccer, but like every Brazilian, in the Worldcup time we’re one nation.

But To be honest I don’t like football! I’m an exception I guess… many in D&B love it.

Is it right so much cash is spent on sports? For me I’m not sure.

I saw in a interview this week that the money spent was not too much based on other investments, it’s obvious that I prefer to use this money for education or health, but we can’t lose the opportunity to be in the highlight for a moment: I guess this can help us to make a better country. We have a big problem in Brazil with the politicians, with Worldcup or not, I guess it’s the same bad stuff. I guess it’s not easy to change but I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Chap told us about great spots in São Paulo to check, can you add some?

We have some great D&B parties. I guess that Rua Augusta is one of the most hip places for the underground scence with many clubs, restaurants, stores around.

São Paulo is a great city, I know places like London, Paris, Los Angeles and I can guarantee that is one of the most amazing cities to live. I guess our best option is the gastronomy. Many, many places to go!

Sold! What shouts and release details you got?

As mentioned, there’s the Brazilian Team compilation mixed by DJ Patife with only Brazilian tunes. Keep an eye out during Worldcup.

We are preparing to release our very first vinyl on label that is a sample from my new EP Amen & Love that includes Lynx remix of ‘Amen & Love’ on vinyl and at the other side is ‘Chasing Summers’: nice and liquid summer vibes, out next month. The complete digital EP will include the ‘Amen & Love’ original Version. It’ll be out July 7.

Also we just released a non-D&B compilation made by D&B producers that show all influences of our crew; I really love the final result and we’ll release the CD on June 30.

Fore more information about label please visit or on the soundcloud


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